Technologia AMS

Anti-Microbial Solution is a modern technology which attacks micro-organisms. It hampers the growth of bacteria by its electro-chemical-physical mode aiming at penetration and disruption of the cell wall. The moment the cell wall of the micro-organism is disrupted, a metabolic decrement appears and the cell development functions are damaged which prevents reproduction. In these conditions, the active agent depolarizes the electric potential of the cell membrane and impedes cell division. The modern active technology ensures the elimination of bacteria colony forming units (CFU). Moreover, it is neither carcinogenic nor allergenic. It is tremendously efficient.

AMS technology was employed in medaSEPT antibacterial PF hybrid gloves and thus throughout the usage process, the gloves act as micro-organism growth inhibitor.

The research confirms the efficiency of the AMS technology. The comparative tests have shown that on the surface of gloves made of the same material but without the employment of AMS technology, colonies of E. Coli multiplied 24-fold during 24 hours. On the surface of antibacterial hybrid gloves with AMS technology used – medaSEPT antibacterial PF, they were eliminated and they did not multiply throughout the test period. The tests have further shown that after contaminating the gloves with gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus or E. Coli, after 24-hour period 99% of the bacteria were eliminated and no other colonies of bacteria developed.

Thanks to AMS technology, powder-free hybrid gloves made of synthetic polymers, when used in health care, veterinary, food processing and agricultural processing, for instance during slaughter, minimise the risk of infection and bacterial growth.