CE, symbol certifying that the product meets all the principal standard requirements
  Natural rubber latex gloves, may cause allergic reactions including anaphylactic reaction
  Vinyl gloves
  Nitrile gloves
  Non-sterile product
  Disposable, single use product
  Storage conditions: protect from sunlight and fluorescent light
  Storage conditions: store at 5-30oC
  Storage conditions: store in a dry place
  The quality of the product is not guaranteed if the packaging is damaged
  Safe for contact with food
  Number of pieces in a box (by weight)
  User’s manual – before use read the instructions for use
  Symbol indicating that the product has been tested in accordance with EN 388 with the values given for resistance to: abrasion, cutting, tearing, puncturing
  Symbol of limited chemical protection of the product pursuant to EN 374 test method
  Symbol of protection from micro-organisms in accordance with EN 374