medaSEPT is an experienced team involved in the process of minimizing infection risk. They are experts in medical and protective gloves who have been active in this industry for several years and who do not cease to observe technological progress. They successfully promote worldwide trends on our Polish and European market. Our staff’s exceptional competence and qualifications ensure fully professional assistance and guarantee that none of the questions asked will be left unanswered. Thanks to its team of experts, medaSEPT is a modern company. Our priority is the highest quality of the product, customer service and staff. We are committed, timely, flexible and responsible.

Such successful, modern and professionally conducted business is possible only thanks to appropriate workforce and management staff.

Following our principle “Quality to Protect” medaSEPT uses only the highest quality parameters when selecting the products.

The quality of the products on offer together with the security of the clients constitute an indication of the Company’s responsibility for the clients, patients, contractors and the environment.

medaSEPT products are directed to medical units i.e. hospitals, clinics, health care centres, ambulatories, doctor, nurse or dentist’s offices, veterinary clinics, dialysis units, endoscopy laboratories as well as central sterile supply depots. Our products are also widely used in food processing plants, pharmaceutical and chemical processing units, in households, beauty parlours as well at hairdresser’s and at service stations, that is in all places in which hand protection is indispensable.